Infinite Hiatus

Well, since I'm now working at Bungie, this is on infinite hiatus. I don't really need to make a personal animation demo reel if I'm working for one of the best video game companies. A little redundant. Though I do want to get back to animation someday, I'm pretty happy at where I am at the moment.

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On Hiatus

While I'm moving to Seattle and applying to jobs, this project will be on hiatus. I may be doing smaller projects to flesh out my portfolio in the meantime.

Andrew Davis - February 24, 2004, 5 PM Entry and Comments (0)

You Spin Me Right 'Round Baby...

...right round.

Ears done, hair is looking pretty good. Neck is iffy. This may just be where I leave it until I get back from Seattle (if I get back). I think the next step is to fix the neck up (which may entail editting the back of the head some).

Then redo all the blend shapes again. Ugh. Then after that, boning and weighting, and he'll be ready! Wow.

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Andrew Davis - January 23, 2004, 2 AM Entry and Comments (0)

From Hair to Eternity

Need to do all the textures on his ears. The rest is DONE.

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Andrew Davis - January 16, 2004, 12 AM Entry and Comments (0)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


360 degree spin of lastest hair. Its really really close now. I just need to adjust the medium length hairs where his part is. They shouldn't be as high as they are, since it looks like he's got hair growing 2 different ways. I think I like the length of everything though.

I'm very happy that I was able to get this procedural hair to look so similar to the original design I had. That was definitely a reason I avoided it in the beginning. But now, looking at it, it seems as if this ended up closer than the nurbs surfaces did. Very pleased. Now I just hope it holds up under some intense animation.

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Andrew Davis - January 15, 2004, 1 AM Entry and Comments (0)