Story Ideas

This will be a bit random, but its all the notes I've jotted down. The basic premise is a regular guy, and his superhero roomate. Only the superhero only sits around and plays video games. He only uses his superpowers to see into the fridge check if there are beers/colas left, or to levitate the pizza from the carton into he mouth. These are little conversation pieces or bits to think about:

  • Guy- "Listen, I have to write, could you turn that down?"
    Superhero-"Don't you fear the wrath of (insert superhero name)?"
    Guy- ""

  • Guy- "Tell me, whats so great about having a superhero as a roomate if he never does anything heroic?" (Looks in kitchen) "Geeze, you didn't even clean the dishes!!"
    Superhero- "I do heroic stuff all the time! I just beat level 9 on Super-Turbo Ringmaster X! And man! That was TOUGH!"
    Guy- "Ugh, whatever. Just pay your rent on time this month ok? OK??" (superhero ignores him, then gets a smack on the head)
    Superhero- "Ok ok!!"

  • Superhero believes roomate becomes arch nemesis and hatches plans to stop him (with inner monologue).

  • Guy- "I be your thumbs are red and swollen from playing so much."
    Superhero- "I'm nigh-invulnerable, my thumbs don't get sore." (Looks at red thumbs, and hides them).

  • Guy- "How DO you even pay rent? All you do is play video games all day."
    Superhero- "Government subsities. I get paid for not being a supervillain."

Andrew Davis - January 4, 2004, 8 PM Entry and Comments (2)